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Eco Driving Tips

Did you know you can save gas mileage without a hybrid? Get more mileage with these tips.

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About Us

Eco-friendly auto
service center

Eco Garage is a full service, eco-friendly auto service center that help individuals and corporations get better gas mileage.
When you choose Eco Auto Service, you are choosing a commitment to the wise use of our natural resources. More than just a lip service to a green philosophy, conservation and preservation are core parts of our business that guide every decision we make.

Eco Garage is green
auto repairs

The automotive industry can be one of the biggest consumers of our Earth’s resources. At Eco Garage, we are committed to lessening the industry’s impact on our resources and providing “green options” that give you flexibility and choice while helping to conserve.

Why Choose Eco Garage?

Eco Garage cares about the environment. We are committed to lessening the industry’s impact on our resources and providing you with green options that give you flexibility and choice, while helping to conserve all at an affordable price.

Making Your Car Greener & Efficient While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint!

With the cost of gasoline skyrocketing, fuel economy is at the top of most consumer’s mind of course. It’s not just about fuel economy- it’s about the environmental impact, too. One of the simplest ways to reduce the environmental impact of cars and trucks (and save money at the gas pump) is to keep them well-maintained.

Go Green and save Greenbacks!

From an old clunker to a brand new hybrid, we can make it run farther on less. Less gas, less emissions, less guilt, and our [auto repair shop] can do everything from a quick, green oil change to a total engine overhaul. All so you can feel better about driving and do better for the planet at the same time.

Green Products

Get a green oil change and really give our planet some love! We primarily use re-refined synthetic blend oil and recycle all used oil to create a closed-loop system with no waste.